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Kiwicon is, following 2011's success, again at the Opera House on Courtenay Place, the street that provides most of Wellington's appallingly dressed nightlife. Their website refers to the Opera House as " intimate and welcoming performance space". It also has an on-site bar, and sadly does not permit the use of pyrotechnics. We're just saying. Consult the map below for more details. 


Wellington is located at the southern end of New Zealand's creatively named North Island (or Te Ika-a-Maui).
It is serviced by Wellington airport, located a mere 10km from downtown Wellington and Kiwicon. Wellington central is compact, with the majority of interesting bits within close stumbling distance. Taxis and buses are easily located.

International flights into Wellington are offered by Air New Zealand and Qantas. Virgin pretends to by virtue of codesharing with Air New Zealand. Jetstar fly domestically, but don't do it to yourself. You're better than that. 

Train services into Wellington from the surrounding suburbs are effective when not broken, late or on fire, but long distance rail is largely a waste of time and money. Intercity buses and Ferries are available from other areas of the North and South Islands.


This year we went all out and managed to secure a deal for our attendees!

For $119 a night you can stay at Travelodge Wellington - just quote "TH6086770" when you book online.
They're located at 2-6 Gilmer Terrace which is a short walk to/from the venue and local drinking/socialising establishments.

Otherwise, you could try one of the following places:

Name: Wellywood Backpackers
Phone: +64 4 381 3899
Address: 58 Tory St, Wellington
Name: Base Wellington
Phone: +64 4 801 5666
Address: 21-23 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington
Name: Century City Apartments
Phone: +64 4 801 0780
Address: 70 Tory St Street, Wellington
Name: Amora Hotel (formerly Duxton)
Phone: +64 4 473 3900
Address: 170 Wakefield, Wellington

Here are a couple of other sites that may be of use when looking for accommodation: - Accommodation in Wellington 4th-6th November - Wellington City Backpackers and Budget Accommodation - Last Minute hotel deals in Wellington Central



Several points of interest to Kiwicon haxors have been placed on the map below. Click on the icons to retrieve more info, or follow this link for a list of locations. There's more things on the map than you can see in the initial view, so scroll around, zoom in and out.

The main Kiwicon venue is the red pin.