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TitleSaturday Doors Open
AbstractDoors open, come and pick up your tickets and merch early to avoid the queue. Then go get a cup of coffee (and maybe get one for your favorite Crue member, who's been there since 5am).
LocationSat 09 0730 @ The Opera House Foyer, Ground Floor
Duration90 mins

TitleMetlstorm Welcomes the Combined Badasses
AbstractWake up sheeple! Listen to the song of the Grass Mud Horse, hear the sound of of its hooves tearing up the Mahler Gobi.
LocationSat 09 0900 @ The Opera House
Duration15 mins
OriginWellington, New Zealand
BioProfessional unix jerk metlstorm spends most of his time dreaming up increasingly implausible rube-goldbergian unix tomfoolery to meet his Insomnia Security KPIs of a) being a jerk to unix admins b) not getting busted and c) doing so on other people's srs bidnis production unix systems without breaking them. While clearly not contributing much to society as a whole, this process may at least elict a chortle from unix neophytes, and a grumbled "SVR3 did that in '86, dickface" from the grizzly veterans.

TitleClosedown - Saturday
AbstractEnd of day one. Go get some dinner, then onwards to the main event...
LocationSat 09 1815 @ The Opera House
Duration15 mins

TitleSunday Doors Open
AbstractDoors open at 0815, grab a cup of coffee and rub your head before another day of conning.
LocationSun 10 0830 @ The Opera House Foyer, Level 1
Duration60 mins

TitleClosing Ceremony & Prizegiving
AbstractAnd so another con draws to a close. Wrap up with prizes, lulz, and a few closing words from your gracious hosts.
LocationSun 10 1700 @ The Opera House
Duration30 mins
NameThe Kiwicon Crue
OriginWellington, New Zealand
BioBad guys wear black
You see us coming, and you all together run for cover.
We're taking over this town.

TitleClosedown - Sunday
AbstractAnd thats it. Con over. Go home. Or to the afterparty.
LocationSun 10 1730 @ The Opera House
Duration15 mins