Who Kiwicon 8 All The Pies

May 14, 2014 10:09 a.m.

We're sure you're all wondering when to expect the next exciting installment of the Kiwicon saga. Normally by this point we'd at least be able to hint obliquely at a date, even though we still have no idea what we're doing when it comes to running a hacker con (as you've probably noticed). 

Unfortunately getting the venue booked for Kiwicon isn't quite as simple as this dramatic reenactment suggests:

A cat sits at his luxurious breakfast table, reading the newspaper. He contemplates his wealth, his life, his future. He proclaims "I shoul rent an operahouse", as if it were a thing any of us could do. Perhaps we could were we as affluent and privileged. But alas, even with the fat cash of a sellout security consultant lifestyle, opera houses are not a trinket one can just desire, acquire, and then consume as if they were mere frippery, a garnish.

Due to the Wellington Town Hall being closed for earthquake strengthening the booking policies for the other venues managed by Positively Wellington Venues - including our Opera House and the alternatives - have changed. The main effect for us is that we cannot get a confirmed booking earlier than three months out. We're aiming for Kiwicon 8 sometime mid November +/- three weeks, but we're not gonna get confirmed dates before August. 

Pretty much at this point we're at the "tough shit" phase. You guys can't book travel or time off, we can't organise the con or even guarantee it'll happen. Options for 800pax venues in Wellington are a short list, so I guess Bogan will be down at Positively Wellington Venues at 0859 on the morning of three months out, and we'll letchya know. 


Metl, on behalf of the Kiwicon Crue