Merch is Bagged, Tickets are Tagged

Nov. 7, 2013 10:02 p.m.

All is on track; your sweet Kiwicon merch is bagged,  your tickets are tagged, and we're glueing the final inch of solid glitter onto the High Roller finery. 

Turn off your wifi, your bluetooth, and your mobile data (prolly also best to watch for GSM downgrades, and uh, those binary SMS messages that the baseband processes that it never tells you about. Dunno how you're gonna watch for those. Heh. Just turn it off, yo). Unmount your crypto disks, power off your laptop, and remember to put the little bit of hair over the hinge so you can tell when it got sneaked'n'peeked in your hotel room while you're out. Don't leave your thunderbolt ethernet adapter near snare. Look both ways before you cross the road (the busses outside the venue are merciless). Pack your real Kiwicon accessories; pen and paper. And come on down...

...cause oooh yeah, it that time: Kiwicon 7. 

If you're in town on Friday, come past the Early Pickup (2-6pm at Meow) to get your tickets, merch and coffee, beer or snacks. Avoid the queue on Saturday morning, and meet your haxor chums!